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Twins Of Evil



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solid and clear red swirl

Death Waltz are extremely proud to announce their first collaboration with the legendary Hammer Films.

Directed by John Hough
Music Composed by Harry Robinson
Conducted by Philip Martell
Original Album Compiled and Produced by Gary Wilson
Audio restoration and Digital Mastering by Peter J. Reynolds
Restoration and Mastering Assistant: Steven Cook
Exclusively remastered for vinyl by Optimum Mastering, Bristol
Published by Universal / Dick James Music


Exclusive cover art by Eelus
Exclusive sleevenotes by Marcus Hearn & Eelus.
Packaged with a 12 x 12 lithograph print and giant 22 x 22 poster of the cover art

(p) 1971 Hammer Film Music Ltd. Issued under licence from Silva Screen Records Ltd.


Side 1

  1. The brotherhood strikes/opening credits
  2. Confrontation in the forest
  3. The body in the woods/the cleansing
  4. The resurrection of mircalla
  5. Mircalla claims karnstein
  6. Weil´s warning / karnstein´s menace
  7. Karnstein´s guest
  8. Maria alone
  9. Karnstein claims frieda/another burning

Side 2

  1. The mirror reveals frieda / dietrich´s final journey / horror at the school
  2. The enemy within
  3. The crucifix repels karnstein / karnstein kidnaps maria
  4. The deception begins / frieda escapes
  5. The seduction of anton/maria´s fate
  6. Maria is rescued
  7. The hunt for karnstein/frieda is beheaded
  8. Finale and end credits
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