Let The Right One In White vinyl
LP DW003 RELEASED 25/07/12

Let The Right One In – White Vinyl

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First ever release on vinyl for this modern day classic. One of the most striking and beautiful vampire movies in decades and featuring a soundtrack loaded with dark, brooding themes that still manage to be achingly melancholic at the same time.

Exclusive cover art by Candice Tripp an internationally renowned fine artist that has shown work in galleries such as Lazarides (London) & Joshua Liner (New York) and is currently represented by Black Rat Press in London.

Sleeve notes by composer Johan Söderqvist

This ltd edition on White vinyl comes with an exclusive lithograph of the cover art by Candice Tripp.



Side 1

  1. The Arrival
  2. Eli And Oscar
  3. Eli's Theme
  4. The Slaughter
  5. Oscar In Love
  6. Hiding The Body
  7. After The Fight
  8. Oscar Strikes Back
  9. Virginia Wakes Up
  10. The Father
  11. Spotting A Victim

Side 2

  1. Giving Up
  2. Death Of Hakan
  3. Virginia Is Bitten
  4. Then We Are Together
  5. Virginia In Flames
  6. Eli Bleeds
  7. Related In Blood
  8. Lackie Dies
  9. Going Home
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