HALLOWEENII Black & Orange vinyl
LP DW007 RELEASED 18/10/12

Halloween II



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Product Description

Exclusive New artwork from Brandon Schaefer.

Liner notes by Alan Howarth & Brandon Schaefer.

John Carpenter and Alan Howarth managed to do something not many people have been able to do with their score to Halloween II. They managed to take the blueprint of the first films score and make it bigger, darker and nerve shreddingly intense. Synths wail and stutter as the score progresses to the point where you feel your head might implode from the oncoming onslaught. This score really should be played late at night with all of the lights out.

Single colour Orange  vinyl.



Side 1

  1. Halloween II Theme
  2. Laurie's Theme
  3. He Know's Where She Is
  4. Laurie and Jimmy
  5. Still He Kills
  6. Shape In Laurie's Room
  7. Mrs. Alves

Side 2

  1. Flats In The Parking Lot
  2. Michael's Sister
  3. The Shape Stalks Again
  4. Operation Room
  5. Mr. Sandman
HALLOWEENII Black & Orange vinyl