Donnie Darko Blue vinyl
LP DW004 RELEASED 01/08/12

Donnie Darko – Blue Vinyl



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Product Description

Original Score by Michael Andrews

Released in conjunction with Everloving Records. Re-mastered for vinyl especially for this release, the score is pulsing, hypnotic and captures the dark and moody nature of the film perfectly, this release also features the million selling single “Mad World” by Gary Jules.

Exclusive cover art by Tom French a fine artist that works in oils & charcoal and has shown work in Philadelphia and London.

Liner notes by Richard Kelly & Tom French.

This ltd edition on Blue vinyl comes with an exclusive  A2 poster of the cover art by Tom French.


Side 1

  1. Carpathian Ridge
  2. The Tangent Universe
  3. The Artifact & Living
  4. Middlesex Times
  5. Manipulated Living
  6. Philosophy of Time Travel
  7. Liquid Spear Waltz
  8. Gretchen Ross
  9. Burn it to the Ground
  10. Slipping Away

Side 2

  1. Rosie Darko
  2. Cellar Door
  3. Ensurance Trap
  4. Waltz in the 4th Dimension
  5. Time Travel
  6. Did you Know Him?
  7. Mad World
  8. Mad World (alternate version)
Donnie Darko Blue vinylDonnie Darko subscriber variant